The region of Zululand in the eastern reaches of South Africa is home to a rich diversity of wilderness. Rolling mountains of grass and woodland slowly descend to sub-tropical wetlands and forests on the eastern shores.


Its beautiful scenery is the historical homeland of the famous Zulu nation, providing a rich culture and history ingrained in its natural beauty.


A multitude of protected wildlife reserves are spread across Zululand, including the world-renowned Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park and iSimangaliso Wetland Park.


This region is perfect to experience magnificent scenery and wildlife. The abundant natural areas are wonderful for viewing wild animals on game drives, bush walks, canoe or boat. A variety of unique landscapes make a home for all manner of large animals, including the famous big 5. While the sheer diversity of birds, reptiles, and other small creatures of the wilderness are a sight to behold.


The coastal forests, beaches and reefs are a living wonderland. For a lover of marine life and coastal relaxation, this destination is ideal.

Following is a list of our favourite Game Reserves and Lodges in Zululand.


Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park is proud to be the oldest nature reserve the whole of Africa. This 96 000 hectare (237221.17 acre) stretch of protected wilderness is home to a wide array of prolific African wildlife, including the Big 5, iconic game, diverse birdlife, and multitudes of other creatures.

Set in the heartland of the Zulu nation, the park has a rich history and importance to local communities. In the past, the region served as a royal hunting ground of the Zulu people. which limited who and how much of the land and its creatures may be exploited. In 1895, the park officially became a wildlife sanctuary, mostly in the hopes of stabilizing rhino populations.

Lowland rivers, savanna plains, rocky hills, and forested areas are all to be found as in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. This diversity of environments allow for an array of fauna and flora to be encountered on game drives and bush walks. 

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge is situated atop a hill overlooking the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi wilderness. Each beautiful guest suite takes advantage of this brilliant view while ensuring the privacy of each.


Fine dining, great hospitality, expert wilderness guides and the wonderland of the Zululand wilderness makes this lodge a top choice for a classic safari experience.

The Lodge amenities include: 
Pool, Curio Shop, Viewing Decks, Spa


Situated along the north-eastern coast of South Africa is sub-tropic coastal paradise known as Isimangaliso Wetland Park. Stretching almost 300km from the Mozambique border southward, this area is known for its pristine beaches, large lakes, sand dune forests, coral reefs, and brilliant biodiversity. 

A vivid display of fauna and flora are found on land and in the water of this wilderness sanctuary. This includes the Big 5, general game animals, large numbers of hippo and crocodile, breathtaking coral reefs,  brilliant birdlife and much more. Traditionally home to the Tsonga people, much of their iconic ways of life remain intact in this region far from outside concerns.


For pure tranquillity and amazing wilderness sights, Isimangaliso Wetland Park is a must-see. Spend time exploring the wondrous wilderness or simply relaxing on the beach while the spirit of Africa takes hold.

Kosi Forest Lodge

Surrounded by gorgeous forest, Kosi Bay Forest Lodge offers a unique wilderness experience. The lodge and suites are gorgeously designed to fit within its surrounding environment while retaining all luxuries wanted.

This vivid environment is explored predominantly on foot and by boat, allowing for up close and interesting encounters with forest and freshwater creatures, such as hippo. 

The Lodge amenities include: 

Pool, Outdoor Bath, Bar, Forest Paths

Thonga Beach Lodge

For a magnificent taste of pristine beaches where people are few and far between, Thonga Beach Lodge is the perfect place. This luxurious lodge provides utmost relaxation, fine cuisine, and an overall brilliant African beach experience.

A mix of traditional and contemporary stylings of Thonga Beach Lodge makes for a beautiful, luxurious, and immersive stay. Enjoy the wonderful coast and its diversity in this splendid paradise.

The Lodge amenities include: 
Pools, Bar, Curio Shop, Beach Deck, Spa, Marine Centre.

Makakatana Bay Lodge

Surrounded by the magnificent dune forests of Lake St. Lucia, Makakatana Bay Lodge boasts contemporary African comfort in a magnificent wilderness. 

The wonderful diversity of landscape and wildlife is reflected in the flavourful design of this intimate family-owned lodge. The warm hospitality, brilliant wilderness, delectable food, beautiful art, and fine wine all bring Makakatana Bay Lodge together for a unique and tailor-made trip to the wilderness.

The Lodge amenities include: 
Pool, Bar, Wine Cellar, Art, Custom Activities

Situated between Hluhluwe-Imfolozi and Isimangaliso Wetland Parks, this privately owned and award-winning nature reserve is a perfect destination for any luxury safari. Each &Beyond lodge boasts world-class five-star hospitality, cuisine, and safari experience. 

The quality of Phinda's hospitality is reflected in its wilderness. The reserve contains seven different environments of the Zululand region, along with an abundance of resident wildlife. This includes the big 5, many antelope species, zebra, giraffe, hippo, and much more. Also, a great diversity of bird, reptile, amphibian, and invertebrate species make use this ecological wonderland. 

The wonderful hospitality and rich wilderness of Phinda, combined with expert wildlife guides on game drives and bush-walks make for an absolutely remarkable African safari experience. 


Phinda Forest Lodge

Hidden beneath the gorgeous canopy of Zululand's sand forests, Phinda Forest Lodge provides pure tranquillity in the wilderness. The lodge's modern luxurious design accentuates the forest in which it is immersed.

All rooms have floor to ceiling windows allowing for a full view of one's surroundings, while the distance and forest density ensures full privacy.

The Lodge amenities include: 

Rim flow Pool, Bar, Interactive Kitchen, Safari Shop

Phinda Homestead

Phinda Homestead is a most impressive exclusive-use lodge ideal for a group of family or friends. Seamlessly blending its luxury and beautiful architecture into its surroundings, this gorgeous lodge provides a private and personal connection to the wilderness.

Equipped with all comforts and treats one would desire on a luxury safari, the Homestead also comes with a private guide and tracker team, butler, and chef to see to your every need.

The Lodge amenities include: 
Exclusive Use, Private Game Drive Vehicle, Private Hospitality Team, Rimflow Pool, Good Wifi, Private Wellness Room, In-Room Spa Treatment, Private Bar

Phinda Mountain Lodge

Overlooking a spectacular portion of the wild, the Zulu inspired Phinda Mountain Lodge celebrates the cultural heritage of the region while delivering on every aspect of a luxury wildlife safari.

Phinda Mountain Lodge is ideal for families looking to enjoy a classic safari experience while also having many additional adventure options, such as rhino and elephant conservation experiences, village tours, beach exploration horse riding, and more.

The Lodge amenities include: 
Lodge Pool, Bar, Safari Shop, Massage Sala, Gym

Phinda Rock Lodge

An absolute beauty of a lodge with earthly tones blended perfectly into its hillside scenery. Phinda Rock Lodge boasts pure luxury as it overlooks the pristine wilderness below.

Each private suite is supremely comfortable with their own personal view over the African wild. World-class hospitality staff, cuisine, treats, and wilderness guides add immense value and personal service to all visitors. Ensuring a smooth, relaxing and immersive experience.

The Lodge amenities include: 
Personalized Butler, Private Pools, In-Room Massage Treatments, Gym-in-a-Basket, Bar

Phinda Vlei Lodge

Phinda Vlei Lodge is an extraordinary and intimate lodge ideally situated on the edge of a dune forest, overlooking vast wetlands where wildlife can be seen even from within one's own suite.

An additional feeling of exclusivity is provided by the limited size of the lodge since it only has six suites. The hospitality and cuisine are of the highest standards, while expert wilderness guides care for every wild need and want.


The Lodge amenities include: 
Private Lap Pools, Personalised Butler Service, In-Room Massage Treatments, Gym-in-a-Basket, Bar