We are a COLLECTION of PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE GUIDES in cooperation.


Working together we provide high-quality service to ensure a smooth, entertaining and educating safari experience. Green Monkey Safari uses only the most trusted, professional, inspiring and knowledgeable safari guides and lodges in southern Africa. 




Green Monkey Safaris is owned and operated by Francois Cronje, an experienced conservationist and field guide whos curiosity is only outweighed by his love of wilderness. He is good-humoured, intellectual, professional, charming and will ensure that your safari experience is unforgettable.



Working as a professional field guide at luxury lodges, rustic tented camps and fully immersed training camps, his appreciation and understanding of the natural world and people alike is to be admired. His experience in conservation allows him to educate people on critical issues facing the environment and what we all can do to help create a sustainable future.



Besides being knowledgeable on various aspects of nature and its forces, Francois is also educated in the field of Anthropology allowing for fascinating insights into people, culture, spirituality and human history. Combining the understanding of nature and humanity, Francois will always provide an entertaining and mind-expanding experience. 



Fields of Focus:
Environmental Science, Animal Behaviour and Anthropology.




Vaughn Du Plooy, a co-owner of Dusty Footprints is a closely affiliated wilderness guide with a wealth of experience and knowledge. His passion for nature is evident in his respect and understanding of it. Whether it is a walking safari or game drive, his personality and professional nature will certainly come to light.

Relationships between Green Monkey Safari and other top-quality guides in the safari industry ensures that only the best accompany you on your journey.