Marataba Game reserve is a lesser-known gem of the South African wilderness. The diversity of landscapes, of mountains, valleys, plains, and pans host a wonderous array of diversity both big and small. The mountains create a sense of an ancient primal Africa as iconic creatures roam, roar and trumpet through its brush. This makes an Ideal location for multi-night hiking trails.

In terms of diversity, a myriad of creatures call Marataba and its surroundings home. These include an array of general game such as impala, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, kudu and much more. Large animals including the iconic elephant and both black and white rhinos roam the region and leave their marks in the bush as they go. And, with such an abundance of herbivores, a healthy population of predators are supported, including lion, leopard, and hyena. Which, when silent at times are heard calling in the distance of the night.

Since Marataba is located in a region between the arid west and lush east of South Africa, it makes for a unique landscape and diversity between the two biomes. Besides an abundance of large fauna in Marataba, it is also home to a diversity of birds, reptiles. amphibians and other small mammals from desert and bushveld regions. The location, along with its unique mountain and savanna terrain hosts a wondrous diversity of plant life. Flora from arid, bushveld, mountain, riverine, and plains environments are to be found on the reserve, ensuring ever-changing and vivid surroundings.

Marataba Trails Safaris explore the wild in a fully immersed rugged way.

Green Monkey Safari & Dusty Footprints