Below is a list of various safari-style options that will help you identify the ideal experience that you are looking for.


These vary in according to primary safari activities and accommodation types preferred.




                    A SAFARI is a perfect way to EXPLORE the landscape and its WILDLIFE comfortably.


The open game drive vehicles along with experienced guides allow for close up encounters with the most prolific animals of Africa. The diversity of life and its interplay will have you enjoy every moment of exploration, while the lodge and guide ensure your comfort.


A typical day consists of a game drive in the early morning and later afternoon when the earth has cooled and the animals become more active. Short walks into the bush can also be arranged so as to focus on the ‘little’ things such as tracking, birding, botany, etc. Otherwise, time is spent enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and luxuries the lodge has to offer.



                                   A BUSHWALK safari EXPLORES nature comfortably by OPEN VEHICLE and FOOT.


It allows you to truly reconnect with the wild we all once called home. From your own feet, the wilderness becomes bigger and the often missed little things come into focus. Your senses become attuned to the ways of nature as you are guided along the tracks of the animal kingdom and scenes lost in time.


Instead of doing the usual game drive, a highly experienced trails guide will take you out on walks in the morning and afternoon. You will be introduced to the depth of understanding that it takes to know the wilderness and its creatures. From tracking down a big five animal to learning about the medicines of plants, this is truly an exciting outing for any nature enthusiast.



                                   A trails safari is an ADVENTURE through the WILDERNESS on FOOT.


This is for the avid hiker and explorer who appreciates the rugged simplicity of the wilderness. By being immersed in nature continually all beauty of the wild is amplified and our place in clear. 


This is a hiking adventure where the human world is left behind and one sleeps under the open sky. Professional trails guides will lead you along hidden paths where only wild creatures roam. Every second, from the initial drop off to the final pickup, is spent purely in nature. Each traveler is responsible for carrying their own basic kit, while the guides carry the extra wilderness necessities.