Wildlife - The Stars of Safari

Safaris remain one of the most popular travel choices for both international and local travelers alike. Whatever the style of safari may be, luxury or rugged, regional or overland, walking or game drive focused, the main attraction remains wildlife and the spectacular wilderness which they call home.

At the heart of every safari is the desire to witness the wonders of nature, to be removed from sprawling civilization and to return to the quiet of our ancient home. In the tranquility of nature's playground peace is easily found, while the absolute privilege of witnessing Africa's iconic creatures up close provides unforgettable excitement.

Africa is home to a vivid array of bio-diversity iconic to the whole world. It is these creatures and their picturesque environments that call people from all over the world to come and embrace its beauty. It is the large herds of elephants, antelope and other odd critters that catches the eye while out with trusted guides, and the calls of lions, hyenas, and owls while being hosted around the fire at night that has Africa touch the heart.

In their natural habitats, these creatures truly come to life. Their behavior and interactions, whether pleasant to view or primal and bloody are mesmerizing. The intricacies of their designs, their sheer power, agility, beauty, and behavior to name a few inspire awe deep within our being. They remind us that the world does not only belong to humans but all creatures and that we as they, come from the wild.

By exploring Africa's wild places in whatever way preferred, one supports the continual conservation and well-being of these exquisite creatures and their home. The presence of these beautiful creatures is their gift to humankind, while their wilderness welcomes any soul to be immersed in within it.