Trail Safari - Entering the Wilderness on Foot

A trail safari provides a vastly different perspective of the wilderness and its creatures than most people have the honour of experiencing. By trekking through the African wilds on foot, one is enveloped in it as the wilderness becomes immediate and intimate.

Comfort and luxury are sacrificed for adventure. Each wildlife encounter is personal, while all creatures feel bigger when on one's own two feet. Every feature, be it plant, animal or even stone seems wilder. This wild spirit is inevitably embraced by those who immerse themselves in the splendour of the African wilderness.

The way the wilderness reacts to one's presence is completely different on foot than vehicles. For the most part, game drive vehicles are ignored or simply inspire curiosity from the formidable creatures roaming the bush. On foot, however, an age-old instinct towards human-kind appears which has animals avoid us or, for those brave enough, inspire a cautious curiosity.

It is for this reason that each trail is led and conducted by expert wilderness trails guides. It is their passion for adventure and their heartbeat for wildlife that allows for such beautiful and exciting experiences in the African wilderness.

Whether tracking down the iconic creatures of Africa, sharing their knowledge of flora, telling stories of African myth and folktales, or encouraging one to simply listen to the dark wilderness while staring into the fire, these trails guides are experts of the places that they love most.

From the exhilaration of an encounter with the most formidable wild creatures to the absolute tranquillity of an afternoon nap in some shade, a trail never disappoints.