The Ideal Romantic Weekend Away

A Romantic Safari

Whether you are a local or international traveler looking for the perfect weekend away with a loved one, nothing can compare to the pure fulfillment to be found on safari. The intimate luxury of a world-class lodge immersed in the tranquility of the wilderness makes for a perfect place to connect with your beloved. Every moment shared while indulging in absolute comfort, savoring exceptional tastes, and blissfully being guided through Africa's wild splendor creates unforgettable memories.

The African sunset, a crackling fire, delectable wine and the calls of surrounding wilderness all accentuate the romance already radiating within. Spend time witnessing the powers and joys of wildlife and embrace its ancient ways. Abandon all woes and worries as every want and need is met by the finest of hosts, chefs, and guides. Whether a couple wants to rekindle an old flame or add oil to an already blazing bonfire, a safari provides an ideal and most vivid experience for just that.

Reserves and lodges offer an array of treats and experiences for a romantic getaway, each in their unique and wonderful way. Whether it is a private dinner in a romantic setting, a special picnic out in the wild, an afternoon together at the spa or a myriad of other delights, each moment is made to be wonderful. Have all concerns fade away in the wildlands so that you may savor every moment together.

Planning the Trip

Finding, planning and booking such a weekend normally takes time and effort which could easily be spared. Instead, let the specialists at Green Monkey Safari create your ideal romantic time away based on what you desire. Our understanding of what makes a safari special and run smoothly is our expertise. Whether it is a short weekend away or a whole romantic trip you are planning, let us help you make it perfect.

Simply contact us here and a consultant will be in touch shortly to help you through the process.