Safari Experts vs. Travel Generalists

Many travel consultants and agencies are generalists in both the travel opportunities that they provide and their knowledge of the locations they promote. This generalist approach to travel has its place, however, when it comes to depth of knowledge and professional expertise a specialist remains ideal.

The understanding provided by a travel specialist will always outweigh that of the generalist. Many agencies simply sell packages of variety to cater to a broad market of clientele while not adding sincere value to any particular travel experience. A travel specialist, on the other hand, ensures that the locations and experience that they provide are up to the highest standards which all guests deserve.

As safari specialists, Green Monkey Safari understands the nuances of wildlife and wilderness experiences. Every location offered is handpicked based on the quality of hospitality, accommodation, cuisine, guide expertise, and environmental progressiveness among others. As people who have worked in various aspects of the safari and conservation industries, our understanding of what a guest is entitled to, what makes a safari truly special, and the importance of the environment are clearly understood by us. It is this high caliber standard that we ensure to all those who consult us for their possibly once in a lifetime safari.

The meticulous grade of expectation that Green Monkey Safari calls for is transferred to our guests for them to enjoy the tranquility and wonderment of a safari with ease. We understand that every guest and their desires are unique, and therefore diligently listen, suggest, and tailor a wilderness safari experience to the guests' particular ideal.

As specialists of South African based safaris, we know each region, its wildlife, local communities and what sets them apart by heart. To us, our guests are not just a name, but a unique personality. And, each of our chosen locations is not simply a place, but a haven.

A wilderness safari is unlike any other travel experience for a multitude of reasons. The experience as a whole is centered around pure wilderness and the wildlife that roam there. It is these amazing creatures and wondrous landscapes that capture the spirit and have guests return time after time. For this reason, the way a safari is conducted and the experience it provides is incomparable to that of other travel endeavors.

Thus, for a true and authentic safari experience that ensures the highest quality of all its aspects, including accommodation, hospitality, activities, cuisine, and wilderness, a safari specialist consultancy remains the best option. With direct experience in various fields pertaining to South African wilderness travel, Green Monkey Safari delivers this expertise to all guests in a personalized and professional manner.