The Language of the Birds, a Mystic Perspective

The language of birds does not simply refer to the wondrous song of birds in a literal sense but pertains to mystic allegory found globally. Many religions, philosophies, and folktales tell stories of heroes, sages, and kings who gain power once they understand the language of the birds. A multitude of global sacred sites depict scenes of birds, half-bird humans, and their song connected to the divine creation. Many myths behind the Language of the Birds have figures that were said to understand it and therefore rose to power blessed by divine sources. Multiple interpretations are provided as to what is meant by this feature, however, some explanations seem to create a theme throughout the globe. These themes pertain to the power of voice and the power of symbolism on the human spirit. This video will take a brief look at the Language of the Birds in global spirituality.

In certain African mythology, it is the traditional healers or shamans who learn this language and understand when a bird is warning them of trickster spirits or friendly ancestors in the vicinity. It is also said that once a soul has incarnated seven times as a human or animal, they will be blessed in the next life to live as the freest of all creatures, the bird. In Norse mythology, two ravens named Hugin and Munin act as informants to Odin. Many Greek heroes, such as Terisias and Anaximander were blessed by the gods to speak the language of the birds. Many European folktales pertain to heroes who through a magical transformation was able to understand birds, who then aid them in multiple ways, such as being warned of danger and the location of treasures. The most prominent of which is the Russian story literally named 'The Language of the Birds'.

The Talmud states that King Solomon is granted his wisdom by understanding the language of the birds, while In Kabbalah mysticism, this language is also known as the Perfect or Green Language. The mysteries of Alchemy are also closely associated with what they too call the Green Language or the Language of the Birds. Where what they write, sing, illustrate or build has a deeper significance underlying the obvious, not divulged and overlooked by those without the correct perspectives.

In Egyptian Mythology, and consequently adopted by other major religions and mystic schools, the symbol of the swallow holds a deeper meaning. It is said to be the first to call when the sun rises, welcoming another day. The rising sun, of course, is a powerful symbol of divinity. The hieroglyph for swallow, means 'great', while and added candlewick hieroglyph means to anoint. This is similar to the title of Christ, adapted from the Ismalic word 'Karast', which means to anoint as a symbol of illumination. The Egyptian goddess Isis is closely attributed to wisdom, magic, and illumination through song and voice. The Swallow symbol has been adopted by Christianity to hold the same meaning and can be seen in most holy sites in reverence to Mary Magdelene. As stated in the Gospel of Mary Magdelene, "Each morning a group of angels lifted Magdelene above the summit of the cliffs, where she could listen to the entire choir of angelic hosts, the divine sounds of original and continual creation."

A diversity of myths and explanations are related to this language. Some explanations attribute the voice to the principle of a vibrating reality as modern science also claims. The relation of harmonic sound to numbers, shape, and all natural phenomenon is held to be based on the harmony of cosmic law and creation. This is what is referred to as the logos, or word of creation in certain mystic teaching. Others refer to the language of the birds as the understanding of mystic symbolism and allegory or divine intuitive sense.

At face value, this seems like pure mysticism, however, today we understand far more of how harmony, sound, geometry, numbers, and celestial rhythms affect us on a practical basis. The modern scientific inquiry into this subject has illustrated the beneficial effect harmonious chanting and mandalas have on the body and the mind. It has also been shown to alter states of consciousness, such as entering Gamma brainwave states attributed to meditative mindsets and divine experience. Chants of different sounds and frequency alter the mind, body and as is claimed spirit in different ways.

Whether there truly is an underlying value to these philosophies and myth is up to you to decide, however, it is quite a remarkable coincidence that birdsong is so prominent and synchronous in its meaning. Never the less, a simple birdsong outside the window is always welcomed by those who appreciate the value of nature and its beings.

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