The Acacia Spirit

The Vachellia and Senegalia (Formerly Acacia) genus are prolific and spiritually significant to much of the African continent. Besides the many mundane uses of these trees, it is also used in shamanic practices. Traditional healers and mystics collect parts of the tree, mostly the bark, in order to concoct a special brew that connects one to the spiritual realm. To communicate with spirits, ancestors and deities alike. Whatever your view of this may be, the fact is that these plants contain relatively high amounts of the chemical known as dimethyltryptamine, DMT, or colloquially as the spirit molecule.

A most prolific tree of the African continent is the formerly named Acacia tree. In 2009 this name changed to Vachellia and Senegalia, reserving the genus name only for Australian Acacia species. Never the less, the name Acacia will remain part of Africa for long to come.

In traditional African shamanism and ritual, these trees hold a world of power. From north to south, variations of brews made from the plant can be found in most of Africa. These shamanic brews are said to allow the drinker to communicate with the dead, spirits and deities.

The fever tree, Vachellia xanthophloea, for example, is used to make a 'dream tea' which is commonly drunk before bed for vivid, controllable or prophetic dreams. While at other times, more concentrated concoctions are brewed and drunk in excess for the drinker to fully enter the spirit world.

Evidence suggests that a form of this brew was present in the mystical traditions of the ancient Egyptians, which may be the reason why it is claimed that the spirit of the god Osiris dwells within every Acacia tree.

Chemical analysis of these plants shows that they contain dimethyltryptamine, also known as the spirit molecule. Although our body can naturally produce DMT, the act of flooding one's mind with it has profound spiritual consequences on all who have ingested it.

The purposeful ingestion of these brews is technically illegal in most of the world, as is DMT in processed form due to being classified as a powerful hallucinogen with no medicinal/spiritual value. The scientific study of this powerful chemical reports the opposite.

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