A Beautiful Mortality

For anyone who finds themselves in the wild and its ways, mortality is most prevalent. A simple natural fact is that life sustains itself of that which is dead. The lines of life and death themselves are somewhat vague since all things living are constructed and in decay at the same time. While that which is labelled as dead may provide us reason to think otherwise. Plants flourish off the nutrient-rich decay of the dead earth and fallen. The herbivore feeds on their gifts or body sustenance. The carnivore, in turn, feeds on them, while the rest recycle all dead. Over time, no sign will remain of a complete life lived, felt and perished. At first glance, this may seem terrible, but perhaps it is this very mortality that allows life to mean so much. It is truly unique as it happens only once in its linearity.

We forget to look up and be awestruck by our luck of being alive in such beauty. Its very beauty underlying the fact of an eternal violent struggle over time incomprehensible. Even stars die and galaxies collide. But without this ever-churning machine that takes, nothing can be given. To resent and fear this most genuine fact is to lose sight of its necessity and splendour that touches the deepest recess of the soul. Instead, embrace the courage it takes to stand strong in hardship, embrace the right to experience its ecstasy. Be empowered by the primordial nature of our being, be illumed by the brilliance of our mind. Savour its feeling, for it cannot last and should not.

If we can accept that in its temporality, mortality is priceless. Not just our own, but of all living things, then instead of being the destroyer, we aim to fill the role of creator and nurturer. If we look away and in ignorance or arrogance disregard the blatant destruction of life in our world, then there is no reason for the rest of life to value us. In a system of balance, of life and death all is provided, but when poisoned, will poison us. When we starve and destroy it, it will starve and destroy us. Rightfully so. But if we choose to create and nurture life itself it will inspire us to create, even more, whether it is art, policy, being or other. Though seek not reward for creation, as it is already priceless. The compensation occurs in the soul, the only thing we have when our mortality flows back into the soil.

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