Walking Safari - The Spirit of Wandering

A walking safari provides a very different insight into the wilderness than vehicle-based safaris. All safaris have their beauty no matter what kind it is. A walking safari, however, will get you back on your own feet and have you experience the wild in a way our ancestors and some pocket communities continue to do. Let me explain to you in more detail the brilliance of taking a walk on the wild side.

The modern conveniences of life have spoiled us with comfort and choice like never before. Unfortunately, in its rush, noise and distortions we have become acclimatized to its chaos. We have lost the inner feeling of tranquility that nature so freely provides. We complain about the drab color of winter, while not stopping to smell the flowers of the spring. A walking safari can rectify this and create that spark that lights the fire in our hearts. Let it burn once more for nature and our fellow creatures.

When we walk in the purity of nature, we again realize how alive the system is and how interwoven its web of interactions. We look to the horizon in a wonder of all the places we can go. We analyse the ground around us to see what our fellow creatures have been up to and where they might be at that very moment. Then, of course, we go and find them. In each given place, nature provides a truly awesome spectacle and complexity. Having us enjoy each scene, whether we are leaning against a tree or tracking the fresh signs of an elephant close by.

Walking safaris place their emphasis on the "little" things which are all too often overlooked. Every tree and flower, bird and insect have a unique quirk of their own which range from silly to genius. While the signs of footprints and feeding paint elaborate stories of plant and animal interaction. On the other hand, when a "big" thing is close by, few things are as magnificent than to view it from the foot. It puts the size and power of the animals into perspective, revealing why they need to be respected. Having a curious elephant come and investigate is an incomparable experience which will be etched in your memory for a lifetime.

It is nature, its forces and complexity that has driven every science known to where it is now. We keep observing all splendours and curiosities of mother earth and beyond to unlock the very secrets of reality and our place in it. In our modern era, this is even truer. By understanding the interplay of natural forces and creatures we open ourselves up to its possibility and brilliance. It inspires us to learn, create and play. So I invite you kindly to come join the adventure with the Green Monkey troop.

Sincerely, Green Monkey

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