Namibia is known for its exceptional desert landscapes, wilderness and remoteness beyond all else. Home to the worlds oldest desert Namibia creates a truly timeless atmosphere that sets itself apart from the rest of Southern Africa.


Though mostly desert and seemingly barren, its exceptional beauty and hidden treasures are often overlooked by the world. Regions that may seem desolate teem with wondrous wildlife and fascinating people. And, those who know of its wonders are eager to share it with the world, eagerly welcoming any traveller to its desert embrace.

Following is one of our favourite destinations in Namibia.

&Beyond - Sossusvlei

Remote, luxurious, and gorgeous, the &Beyond Sossusvlei Lodge in Namibia provides the pinnacle of desert seclusion and level of luxury that &Beyond is known for.


Set in the southern regions of the oldest known desert, the Namib, this lodge provides an oasis for travellers exploring the wonderous natural landscapes of the region.


With an exceptional contemporary design, the simplistic beauty of this lodge greatly complements its desert surroundings to create a sense of timeless wild wonder.


Known for its splendid hospitality and overall high standards, this lodge perfectly fits into the &Beyond group to deliver the utmost in safari perfection.