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Following is a list of our favorite destinations in the South African wilderness of the Lowveld.


South Africa is a diversity haven in both the splendour of nature and the flavours of culture.

Landscapes change drastically as one travels from one side to the other, all the way experiencing breathtaking scenery, beautiful wildlife, and vibrant people.


Whether an area is developed or wild, each region has its unique wonders while the same pulse of Africa beats beneath its feet. 


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The northeastern stretches of South Africa are home to a spectacular wilderness of scenic landscapes and rich wildlife.


This region, also known as the Lowveld, or Bushveld is a savannah woodland paradise. Vast protected wilderness areas are to be found here, including the world-renowned Kruger National Park, Sabi Sands, Klaserie, and many more.


Here, the iconic African animals such as elephant, lion, leopard and so much more roam freely while the splendour of their presence attracts onlookers from all over the globe.


Besides its riches of wildlife, it is culturally vibrant as a diversity of South African people call this region home.


The Lowveld is known globally for its spectacular wildlife sightings and hospitality. Whether one encounters its beauty on a game drive, bush-walk or trail, it never disappoints.




The Waterberg region is a picturesque bushveld paradise often overlooked by travellers.


It is uniquely situated between the arid west and greener east of the country. This along with its mountainous landscapes make for a unique environment which an array of creatures call home.


All manner of large and small creatures iconic of Africa are to be found in the Waterberg’s protected reserves. This includes predators of all kind, an abundance of prey, and large beasts such as rhino and elephant.


This region is somewhat less travelled than others and allows for a wilderness experience that few other places could deliver.


The limited amount of people, vast wilderness and wonderful game viewing makes the Waterberg perfect for hiking/trails safaris.




The region of Zululand in the eastern reaches of South Africa is home to a rich diversity of wilderness. Rolling mountains of grass and woodland slowly descend to sub-tropical wetlands and forests on the eastern shores.


Its beautiful scenery is the historical homeland of the famous Zulu nation, providing a rich culture and history ingrained in its natural beauty.


A multitude of protected wildlife reserves are spread across Zululand, including the world-renowned Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park and iSimangaliso Wetland Park.


This region is perfect to experience magnificent scenery and wildlife. The abundant natural areas are wonderful for viewing wild animals on game drives, bush walks, canoe or boat.


A variety of unique landscapes make a home for all manner of large animals, including the famous big 5. While the sheer diversity of birds, reptiles, and other small creatures of the wilderness are a sight to behold.


The coastal forests, beaches and reefs are a living wonderland. For a lover of marine life and coastal relaxation, this destination is ideal.




This route is a South African favourite. Stretching between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth it offers a splendid display of culture, nature, comfort, and adventure.


Scenic coasts and mountains roll along the cape as quaint towns dot the region, flavoured with fine wine, seafood and local culture.


The oceans attract an array of aquatic life large and small. Such as the iconic African penguins calling the Cape home to wondrous migrating whales who use its waters to breed.


As the name suggests, the land is covered in a beautiful display of flora. It includes the Cape floral kingdom which is totally unique to this region of the world.


As one progresses east along the coast, a forest environment begins to envelop, providing a whole new atmosphere to the Garden Route.