Botswana remains one of the greatest wilderness areas in Africa. With vast stretching wildlands and an abundance of wildlife roaming freely across its massive protected areas, Botswana offers one of the most unique safari experiences in Africa.

In the Okavango Delta, the seasonal drying out, and subsequent flooding of the region create ever-changing islands where life springs into motion. Here, massive groves, grasslands, floodplains, and canals hide all manner of Africa's favourite creatures. 

In central Botswana, the more barren region knows as the Kalahari creates a stark contrast to the Delta. It's dry shrublands dot the landscape as far as one can see, while in between the mighty creatures of Africa survive even the harshest of conditions. 

Following is a list of our favourite lodges in the Okavango Delta.

&Beyond Collection





The &Beyond Collection is well known for the impeccable standards in hospitality and safari alike. With an abundance of experience in each facet of classic safaris, &Beyond continually evolves their means, stylings and service to suit the contemporary world. Inspired dearly by the natural world and the communities that call it home, these lodges take extra steps to ensure the conservation of wildlife and the development of local peoples.

Every lodge presented here provides its own unique atmosphere, stylings, and comforts, while each makes the most of the wonderous wilderness that surrounds them. Expert wilderness guides ensure that every moment spent in nature is safe, illuminating, and joyous. While world-class hospitality, accommodation, cuisine, and luxuries envelop travellers in comfort and beauty. 

Each lodge provides classic game drives, optional bushwalks, and helicopter flights for a variety of ways to witness the brilliance of the Okavango Delta, while Nxabega also offers seasonal mokoro, boat and fishing opportunities for those who wish to explore the delta's waters.

Ker & Downey Collection





The Ker & Downey collection presents the pinnacle of five decades of experience in the Botswana safari industry. With an emphasis on supreme wildlife experiences, coupled with refined and time-honoured hospitality, the Ker & Downey collection certainly remains one of the 'greats' where classic safaris are concerned. As specialists of Botswana and its brilliant natural paradise, they ensure a wilderness experience of the absolute ideal. Exploring the area is done by classic game drives or boat, while Shinde and Kanana both offer bushwalks for a more immersive look at the wilds.

With attention to detail and personal wellbeing, Ker & Downey deliver the utmost in hospitality, accommodation, cuisine, and safari service to each and every guest that they welcome. Personalised service ensures that every traveller feels at home and cared for, while a myriad of luxuries allows for a true sense of tranquillity and ease to take hold of one's being. 

With a burning passion to share the wonders of the delta, Ker & Downey take their role as custodians of both wilderness and local people to heart. By contributing to the conservation efforts of delta and upliftment programmes of the local community, they ensure their legacy of good and environmental care.