A typical day of Safari will go as follows:


An early morning wake-up with some refreshments, such as coffee, juice, light breakfast, etc to get you ready for the day.


When ready, depart on morning activity. This is either a game drive or a bushwalk depending on the plan. Roughly halfway through the game drive, there will be a comfort stop with some refreshments. A bushwalk will have periodic breaks in order to keep energy levels up and breathe in the scenery.


After the morning activity, it is time for the main breakfast. Thereafter the morning is yours to simply enjoy the tranquillity of the lodge at the pool, bar, spa, etc. An after breakfast guided activity can also be arranged, such as a short walk around camp or into the bush.


Lunch is served at midday and time is spent relaxing in the heat of the day.


High tea is served when the day cools down, before departing on the next guided bush activity.


The next activity is either a bushwalk or game drive as with the morning activity. 


When the afternoon activity concludes, it will be time for dinner which simply entails good conversation, food and atmosphere. Relax and get some rest as you look forward to the next day of creating beautiful memories.


                                      Depending on your style of safari this is subject to change.

Sun Protection - 
The sun can be quite a challenge on a warm African day. Bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses. Also, breathable longsleeved clothing could help prevent that unwanted burn.

Medication -
If you have any medical requirements, please bring the appropriate medication. Legally the lodge is not allowed to provide basic medication of any kind, such as pain, nausea, etc due to legal standards and practices. 


Insect repellent is never far in the wilderness, however, if you have a personal preference for a repellant, such as a natural alternative bring it along.

Comfortable Clothing - 
Preferably neutral coloured clothing (not pure white or black). 
Comfortable outdoor walking shoes, open relaxed footwear. The weather may change quickly, so bring clothes that can layer. Also, a rain jacket will keep you comfortable for those often unexpected rainy days.

Cameras & Logs - 
You will want to document the memories of your experience. If your camera phone is not enough, bring a better one. A diary or sketchbook is always a safari favourite too.

Reading Material & Entertainment -
The heat of the day may be spent relaxing in your room, at the pool, bar or under some shade. Bring something to read or occupy the lazy the part of the day with.


                             A private guide ENSURES that your JOURNEY runs SMOOTHLY.


All safari activities are conducted by professional field guides who work at the lodge of your stay. They are your hosts in Africa and therefore responsible for your comfort and ease of mind. As an addition to your safari, you can request a private Green Monkey Safari guide to accompany you along every step of the way. They are your primary hosts, who work alongside local guides and lodges to perfect your safari.

All guides at Green Monkey Safari are experienced wilderness guides who's passion for African nature fuels their desire to share it with people from all over the world. We work alone or alongside local guides to inform you about the intricacies of nature and evoke a love for it through its beauty. 

From arrival to departure, we will be there to keep your mind at ease, keep you informed, and share the wonders of Africa with a smile.