Green Monkey Safari is owned and operated by Francois Cronje a Safari Advisor, Operator and Guide who Specializes in Custom Made Safaris for all international and local travellers.
Green Monkey Safari offers a splendid variety of Classic Safari styles and world-class accommodations at the best lodges and nature reserves South Africa has to offer. Those who prefer a more rugged experience can delight in Walking & Multi-night Hiking Safaris for a complete experience of the African wilderness. Additionally, a variety of marvellous Coastal Destinations are available for any ocean lover, whether it be in secluded wilds or bustling cities.
We aim to immerse all guests in the beauty of the African wilderness and vibrant cities while providing quality, comfort, safety and expertise throughout the whole experience. Booking through Green Monkey Safari ensures a fluid and customized experience, so put yourself at ease and let us create your ideal experience for you.
Welcome to Africa...

WILDERNESS and WILDLIFE is the lifeblood of our adventure. Let us immerse you in the splendour of the Southern African wild where tranquillity and curiosity inspire awe.

From the rustling GRASSLANDS to the orchestra of the FOREST. Let us GUIDE YOU to where our heart lies, to the WILDERNESS and its LIFE.
JOIN US on Safari and EXPERIENCE the WONDER of the AFRICAN WILDERNESS the way you wish to. Walk or drive in the LIFE OF NATURE and breathe in it's fresh air. 

Bespoke Luxury & Classic Safaris

Safaris customised to the traveller's particular requirements ranging from comfortable to luxurious.

Trails & Slackpacking Safaris

Safaris that fully immerse the traveller on the ground of the African wild. 

Coastal Wildlands & Vibrant Cities

Safaris that make the most of Africa's splendid coasts in the wilderness and in vibrant towns and cities.

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